About us

I'm mum of three boys. From 7 years wrap accompanies us in daily activities - during cover small and large distances, when tiredness and sleepiness is coming, helps to relieve the pain and sorrow, when we want to cuddle.

These few meters of material have enormous power.
Weaving Imp is a response to my need for contact with the magic of wraps.

motatu (Magda) from Weaving Imp

I was born to weave. Weaving is my great passion and greatest adventure.
I found a special joy in designing and weaving baby wraps. It is an exceptional process in which I put all my heart and I use all the skills.
Wrap which you'll enfold your child has been woven with love. And with help of three lovely weaving imps :-). 
Mania Tkania (Lucyna) from Weaving Imp