Miraculous Well - draw

Miraculous Well - inspired by 'Miraculous Well. Polish Fairy Tales'
Warp and weft - 100% Egyptian cotton
Weft - coffee
Lenght - 4,90 m
Price - 2500 PLN/ ca. 615 Euro (exclude shiping)
Pattern - woven iridescence
Densite - 350 gsm
Weaver: maniatkania (@Lucyna Michałowska)
Unhemmed rails, blunt ends.
It comes pre-washed, soft and ready to wear out of the box.
If you want to purchase this wrap, please write an e-mail to:
with your Name, Paypal-Adress, country and subject 'Miraculous Well'
Draw will close at 9:00 am (CEST) Monday October 5, 2015.
Please comment or email with any questions.
Good luck!!!